About us is a Valencian company dedicated to the development and implementation of applications on the Internet, participated by experts Network since 1994 and linked to the academic world.

Our products are mainly based on the G Suite platform, which integrate all services related to cloud computing.

It is an initiative of the technological networks


What we offer

Apart from the quality of the products we work with, the specific value of company is the experience and knowledge of our multidisciplinary team in the development of applications, implementation of solutions for companies and institutions and ICT development.

From Suite G, we have developed various tools and applications, which can be found on our website:


Our products and services

► Implementation of G Suite:

G Suite is a cloud computing platform easily adaptable to the size and structure of any business, administrative, teaching or collaborative organization.

There are many tools and resources available. Some of them are as follows:

- Gmail: email.

- Calendar: calendar and events.

- Drive: documentation file.

- Docs word processor.

- Spreadsheets: spreadsheets, data management and dynamic tables.

- Forms: forms and surveys.

- Hangout: participatory video and live broadcasts.

- Groups: participation and debate.

- My Maps: geographic location information.

- Slides: presentations.

- Sites: creation and management of public or restricted websites.

- Google+: participatory and relationship network.

► Development Suite in G Script:

Specific programming and data manipulation and combination of features.

► Training Plan and monitoring:

Development of a strategy for implementation of ICT tools, adapted to the characteristics of each corporate structure from a training program and ongoing support from day one will take advantage of many of the features of our tools. Keep in mind that some of them are already very popular, such as e Gmail or Google Maps.

► Audits and protection of information:

Level security control data and devices against internal or external attacks, cumplimiendo European directives and the Organic Law on Data Protection.

► Adding third-party applications:

Our products are open to the implementation of other developed by third parties, providing the platform for great flexibility and adaptability.

► geographic location information:

Any information can be integrated and combined from Google Maps.

► Cost savings

The implementation of all the tools described has a very low cost. Does not require the purchase, installation and maintenance of software, it is cloud applications available from anywhere. Either a server or own servers or any other specific device is needed. Moreover, the cost is proportional to the number of users, allowing progressive introduction without an initial investment.



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