Implementation of municipal transparency, citizen participation and open data


G Suite for Municipalities

G Suite for municipalities is a set of tools for implementation, quickly, easily and economically, the most ambitious programs on transparency, citizen participation and OpenData. Its main features are:

► Easy to use and quick learning of all tools.

► immediate implementation.

► Plan training and monitoring.

► Security of public or private information, both regarding internal and external attacks.

► full guarantees of maintenance and growth.

► Orientation to collaboration, transparency, participation and open data.


Transparency Portal

G Suite for municipalities greatly facilitates the publication of online content and maintenance of these, so that any update can be accessed immediately by citizens. has its own tools to facilitate structuring of information quickly, automatically and easily.

The installation of the entire system, "the cloud," creating a Web Transparency, user configuration, and platform tools to OpenData citizen participation is done in one day. After the initial installation, you need to provide content to the web pages and OpenData transparency and create different areas of citizen participation.

Once you created the transparency portal, giving it content is very fast in those sections for those who already have information. Google Sites is one of the web tools easier to use content; It not in vain is the most widely used in education and wikis of all kinds.

The participation of citizens in forums, can be done from day one: just create a group participation and invite citizens to participate in it. This task does not cost more than five minutes for group discussion.

We have custom translation tools with customizable proofreaders from Valencian or Castilian to any other language, setting what pages we want to translate and what language, within the same web or creating a parallel web in a second language.

With our unique tool creating transparency portal, no need to worry about creating sections of the web. Our tool, by itself, creates all recommended by Transparency International Spain sections. From that moment, everything is a matter of following a simple script to complete the contents.

Any document that decide to make public, may do so directly with the "Publish to Web" already assigned a url, or they can also be integrated into the portal of transparency.

The transparency portal has an adapted mobile version, so it is searchable from anywhere and device.

The following link shows a prototype portal:


Participation of citizens

Any system of citizen participation consists of different phases that we do simple and easy to use for you and citizens.

► From the website, a public document or social networks, disclosed the topic for which we require citizen participation.

► With Google Sites, creating a site and the integration of the different elements of participation are made quickly and easily.

► Using a form, file folder in the cloud or both simultaneously, different proposals are received.

► the different proposals are published on the site.

► a forum for general discussion and one for each proposal opens. These discussions are integrated into the site and are invited to engage citizens.

► You can easily create a system of public voting from a census by email. If the vote is by ballot, the counting and immediate publication of results can be done very easily on the site.


Associations and associations of municipalities

Thanks to Google Apps, we can extend any application to other municipal bodies or associations with fewer resources, so you do not have to invest in something that your municipality can provide them for free.

Any association could enjoy the same tools as their council without more cost than necessary users create for each of them, usually no more than one user by association.

Google Apps has a grouping system domains that allow technically manage common resources or will wean others, facilitating the management and administration of computer resources.


Open Data

Open data systems can be implemented in different ways with for municipalities:

► Publishing type spreadsheet documents openly.

► Publishing static or dynamic data tables contained within the Transparency Portal or any other website.

► By creating a web service that deliver data in JSON and / or XML


Cost savings

The implementation of all the tools described has a very low cost. Does not require the purchase, installation and maintenance of software, it is cloud applications available from anywhere. Either a server or own servers or any other specific device is needed. Moreover, the cost is proportional to the number of users, allowing progressive introduction without an initial investment.



Edició 1 (06/17/2016)

drafted by

Ignacio Quiles Baixauli

Joaquim Iborra Posadas