Hangouts for retransmission of town meetings


Google Hangouts, is an ideal platform for relaying municipal full tool because it combines:


Municipal transparency

Plenary sessions with Hangout go through three phases of enormous visibility:

- Announcement of the next plenary session live on Google+ and on the website of the municipality.

- Retransmission live full, visible from anywhere with an Internet connection and for an unlimited number of audience.

- Publication, last few minutes of the completion of the full, the full video of the plenary session at the City Council YouTube channel, where you can keep yourself from all full historical, while on the web.


Citizen participation

From the time of the announcement of the broadcast of full, any person may whet your proposals and questions that will be answered during or at the end of each session.


Citizen collaboration

Citizens also proposing questions may vote favorably for the convenience of the questions citizens and ensuring that, at the time of starting the full, questions and most popular or relevant judgment of the citizens proposal appears first.


An example

Example full City retransmitted by Google Hangouts: advertisement, broadcast and publication of the Hangout


Technical assistance + Training

The announcement / broadcast / publication of full is a fairly simple task, once you've seen a couple of times now, so Nuvool offers technical assistance with training, so that during the preparation, celebration and publication of the first or full first, we have the presence of a member of your local corporation, designed to learn the operation of the whole process, so that after the first or second full surely know how to advertise, broadcast and publish full, so the presence of Nuvool not be needed if desired.

(This service has an additional cost. Consults)



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Written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas

Ignacio Quiles Baixauli