It instal·lació audiovisual streaming per a retransmissió


1. Items required

to. Hardware

i. Computer embodiment

You need to work with an i7 processor and a dedicated graphics card high performance, with the following configuration:

➤ Processor: Intel Core i7-7700

➤ RAM: 8Gb DDR4

➤ Case: SEMITORRE, for ventilation

➤ Hard Drive: 228GB Solid

➤ Operating system: Windows 10 Home



ii. Mixing table



iii. Microphones and receivers

Beyerdynamic TG 100 - Set diadem


Beyerdynamic TG 100 - Set hand


Beyerdynamic TG L55C - Lapel microphone


iv. APPC30 1080P HDMI Splitter 2


The HDMI splitter is simply a device that converts an HDMI input into two HDMI outputs.

It is used to capture the image from teacher PC in digital format and pass simultaneously to the projector and PC Performing


v. Video Camera HDR-CX625 Sony backup 2,29Mp 3 "Full HD


To add it to broadcast streaming, this camera can only be connected by WiFi to the UStream platform, so used HDMI cable to a video capture.


saw. USB3HDCAP Capture USB 3.0 to HDMI, DVI, VGA


Two units: one setting out the signal from the pc teacher signal and a collect chamber backup.


vii. ipcam TL-SC2020N


This is the camera whose image is incorporated into the embodiment.


viii. Wacom Intuos Pro Special Edition


ix. Laptop PC ASUS teaching I5 X541UV-XX104T1


x. Lasser pointer LOGITECH WIRELESS R400


b. software

i. Streaming platform

ii. encoder

iii. IP scanner ranges

iv. Browser

v. Video Capture


2. Technical data

to. Installation

In the following scheme can be all hardware and software elements, listed in their respective sections, how they are interconnected.


b. Issuing process stream


3. Working Process

to. Creation of the event / s on a platform streaming

It is recommended as streaming YouTube platform, price, safety and dissemination.

Once created the eventode live broadcast in streaming platform, the appropriate permissions to users who will have access to the transmission or the event is left as public so that anyone can watch the broadcast are granted.

Creating a YouTube Live event.


b. Hardware Installation

Depending on the type of relay will be necessary to consider other elements.

Before installing the hardware, an analysis of where the event facilities and conditions for retransmission will occur it is made.

It takes into account the existence of a WiFi and / or cable connection with wide stable band.

the affixing of the / s camera / s, microphones, mixer, pc relay / embodiment, speaker, etc. Revised


c. Retransmission process

We perform retransmission from the embodiment pc / retransmission has the task of integrating all signals from different input devices for retransmission.

The realization pc / retransmission, has installed software composition and image coding that sends the signal to an open session of the streaming platform, allowing users event guests can see the live broadcast.

Once completed demos for retransmission, the whole video will be located on the same URL that was available live, so that other users can see it permits delayed.


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