How to apply machine learning techniques to display an institution or company?


Today, the enormous amount of information flowing through the Internet has created a new need: how to distinguish and filter what we want. Or what is the same: how to present our work to people or groups with similar interests and sensitivities.


This is not to communicate with those who have interests identical to ours. Achieving this is easier and probably our potential audience reach us on their own initiative, through search or contact areas. It locate people or groups not specifically committed to our own business, but it can be connected tangentially, because of their own interest or sensitivity.


This is possible if we apply techniques of text analysis with machine learning. This is an automated tracking of digital content traffic (in all public areas) in order to filter out those areas receptive to some of the positive aspects of our business.


The illustration shows a diagram of the operation of a algorime of machine learning. The idea is to introduce a test data and results already known in order to contrast them with all data tracked, so that the algorithm learns to interpret the data from the test. This allows us to formulate a hypothesis that the algorithm will be applied in a continuous process of feedback. offers technical support to make this analysis and to draw conclusions in the face of corporate decision making.



2nd edition (10.05.2017)

Written and approved by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas