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New feature translator of our pages to Google Sites

posted 30 Jun 2016, 01:46 by Info Nuvool   [ updated 6 Jul 2016, 02:38 ]

At the first announcement of our translator pages to Google Sites , highlight the feature for easy SEO that page link was also translated, but always could change at hand addresses translated to correct any errors of translation, because grammatically translated text with dashes or other characters in the middle is not always easy for the translation system.

However, we received feedback from some users have told us if it was possible to make a locking system Translation url, because they prefer to keep the structure of the original site even sacrificed 200 SEO factors . The main reason attributed to this request by our users lock in translating the url, which is usually so dynamic systems can establish links from one language to another just to know the structure of a single sites.

Well said and done. This morning we began implementing a simple locking system Translation url.

The locking system consists of placing the cell "D3" value "True" or "False" depending on if we want to translate addresses or not.

As always your feedback we hope to move forward.