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Translation system for Nuvool Sites

posted 30 Jun 2016, 01:45 by Info Nuvool   [ updated 6 Jul 2016, 02:39 ]
In Nuvool, we have created a system of full translation sites Google Sites.

The translator uses the Google Translation API Translator to translate the content of web pages.

The operation is very simple for the user, but also very complete, useful and versatile.

  • Before starting the translation, we need to create a site that will host the translated pages. If you have an advanced design, should make a copy and put the site as a destination for translations copying.
  • We will open our spreadsheet developed by Nuvool translations.
  • In the first row, we will name our sites origin and destination (not required to do so).
  • In the third row, indicate the domain, site and source language (columns A, B and C) and the same for websites.
    • In order to work, the user will perform elproceso translation must have at least read permissions on the source site and destination site on the issue.
  • Go to the menu Translation
    Translation menu
  • Select "Update list of pages on the current sheet" and will automatically fill the sheet with pages that we created in the original site.
  • To facilitate the SEO landing site, the names and addresses of destination, also translated.
  • We can create as many pages as you want translation to any website for any language or original destination.
  • In the middle column "Translate" ( "D") values ​​indicate "True" or "False" if you want the translation or not.

Translation system for Nuvool Sites

This translation system has been designed for vehicular use the language as you like, or even more than one language and then translate site of origin to another destination depending on our needs without fear of overwriting work other users.