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These rates include the approximate prices of our professional services. These contract prices excl.


Justification price of these tariffs

Each price is the result of a study of the real cost adjusted, from the application of the following criteria:

• Assessment of the actual number of working hours, based on previous experiences and the implementation procedures more efficient.

• Evaluation of the cost of personnel involved, in accordance with the technical and professional competence required in each case.

• Estimation other economic concepts, such as travel, insurance, visas, etc.

At each price link, please see this its detailed justification, which does not include overhead or business profit.


Commitment to quality

The development of these tariffs is part of our commitment to quality and transparency.

In this regard, the detailed justification of the prices of our rates is also to improve the timing of services provided.


Validity of this tariff

The prices of these rates are subject to continuous review, according to a progressive improvement in the application of the criteria described in the evolution of market prices affecting the cost of variations in the impact of corporate overheads and competition in the sector. In this sense, our prices can vary and, in fact, vary daily.

If you need a price for a certain period of validity, ask it using the form below:

Application fee in pdf


Payment method

The form and terms of payment will be agreed with the client. We offer a great flexibility in the formulas adopted, which also include the modalities banking or ecommerce usual, accepting payment via virtual currencies with market value. We also accept monetary value criptomonedes without official recognition when they have a social or dissemination by way of discount on our rates.


Budget request formal

These rates are indicative and, since the preparation of a budget for the provision of the service requires comprehensive study of all the circumstances associated with a particular task. Consequently, our contractual commitment necessarily require the submission of a formal offer, individually and signed.

In accordance with our policy of quality before starting the provision of a service, the client must know and accept the object of the order and its total price, as well as their detailed justification.

If you need a detailed estimate for a particular professional service, phone us at +34961135438, write us an email to projectes@rehabi-li-tar.com or fill out the contact form:

Budget request



2nd edition (12.14.2017)

Written and approved by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas



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